Editing Services

Whether you are preparing a submission for agents and editors,

or planning to publish on your own,

it is important to have a professional editor take a look at your work.

  • COACHING: Get ‘er done!

  • EDITING: Make it great!

  • SUBMISSION PACKAGES: Get published!

Hi, my name is Adria Laycraft, and it is my mission to help you finish your book, polish your manuscript to its best potential, and see it published. 


COACHING: Get ‘er done!

I can help with incomplete or early drafts of your novel with online video chats (up to 3 hours worth) to brainstorm plot arcs, character building, and story elements. This typically includes three rounds of editing instead of two, and takes you through the full editing stages. Only pay for the round we are on, and only if needed!

$4,800 ($1,600 per round, up to 90,000 words)

EDITING: Make it great!

Are you ready to have your work shine? Fees for editing services can be affected by the length of your manuscript, the level of writing within, and the deadline. The listed price typically include two rounds with a combination of all three styles of editing, beginning with the first round being very conceptual and looking at plotlines, character arcs, story promises, foreshadowing, logical flow, and so on, followed by a second round of edits after your changes to look more at line-by-line prose, grammar, and copyediting. This gives the author an opportunity to address big picture items before we analyze the details and give the manuscript a final polish. The goal is to make it submission ready!

$3,000 ($1,500 per round, up to 90,000 words)


If you are a client, then I become intimately acquainted with your novel. Therefore, the next logical step is to offer help with the query letter, synopsis, and first five pages to create your submission package, if you are chasing agents and traditional publishers. I can also help with finding open agents that fit you. If you plan to self-publish, I can help with promotional items like back cover copy, ad copy, and ad campaign material.

Add a submission package or marketing material for $300 (if you are a current or past client)

Add a reading fee of $360 for a total of $660 (if you would like submission package help and I have NOT read your novel)

Many repeat clients and referrals! Testimonials and references available. Please contact today for a proposed contract, and let’s get you published!

Why hire Adria?

  • She received Honours in Journalism Arts over thirty years ago, and has worked as a freelance writer and editor ever since.

  • She understands the author’s perspective, since she is a successful author herself.

  • The Urban Green Man anthology, which she edited, was nominated for an Aurora Award.

  • More than three decades of experience in communications, writing, editing, and publishing.

  • You only pay for the round we’re on, and only for what you need!

  • Many published clients: references available.

    “Thank you for the work you’ve done and for doing it so quickly. I appreciate that by leaving the slang in place you have recognized I want the audience to resonate with my laid back style in life.”

    Aaron Lauritsen, autobiography client

    “Thx Adria. I made substantial changes, hopefully all good. Your feedback was a tremendous help.”

    Kirk Boote, fiction client

    “I am also quite grateful for your work on these books, and am delighted that you want to finish the series.”

    Margaret Curelas, Tyche Books

    “Cassie is working on revising Book 1, based on your notes (very much appreciated) and is happy with your work!”

    Trajectory Series Secretary

    Ready to be Edited?

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