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Editing Services

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Whether you are preparing a submission to agents and editors,

or planning to publish on your own,

it is important to have a professional editor take a look at your work.

There are three levels of editing:

  • Conceptual editing, where plot structure, premise, story logic, and continuity are examined.

  • Line-by-line editing, where each sentence is considered for clarity, word choice, content, and validity.

  • Copyedit, which is a proofread of the manuscript for grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Fees for these services depend on which type of editing you require, the length of your manuscript, and the deadline.

Why hire Adria?

  •  She received Honours in Journalism Arts over twenty years ago, and has worked as a freelance writer and editor ever since.

  •  She understands the author’s perspective, since she is a successful author herself.

  •  The Urban Green Man anthology, which she edited, was nominated for an Aurora Award.

“Thank you for the work you’ve done and for doing it so quickly. I appreciate that by leaving the slang in place you have recognized I want the audience to resonate with my laid back style in life.”

Aaron Lauritsen, autobiography client

“Thx Adria. I made substantial changes, hopefully all good. Your feedback was a tremendous help.”

Kirk Boote, fiction client

“I am also quite grateful for your work on these books, and am delighted that you want to finish the series.”

Margaret Curelas, Tyche Books

“Cassie is working on revising Book 1, based on your notes (very much appreciated) and is happy with your work!”

Trajectory Series Secretary

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